Reduced fees for selling your Colorado Springs Home

Selling Your Home During the Holidays

Reduced fees for selling your Colorado Springs HomeWhile dropping off a FedEx package the other day, I overheard a discussion from someone who needed to sell her home, but was going to wait to put it on the market until the Spring… Even though the house was not in Colorado, I had to interject and let the woman know that this might not be the best way of thinking…

From the perspective of someone selling their home, Spring sounds like the ideal time… more people buying, of course… But, how many other homeowners are thinking the same thing? November through January the number of homes on the market drops… people take their homes off for the holidays, people wait until after the holidays to try to sell. Yes, there are fewer buyers during this time… but, the buyers that are looking during the holidays are SERIOUS buyers… who else is going to tromp through snow, go out the day before Christmas looking at homes, etc…? Only those who NEED to buy. And, with significantly fewer homes on the market during the holidays, I would argue the odds during this time are actually much more in the favor of the seller who toughs it out with their home on the market during the holidays.

For our part in talking you into putting your home on the market this time of year, pay a visit here and think about selling your home now…Our Gift to You for Selling your Home During the Holidays