Susan Jesse

Susan is a natural to the world of Real Estate with her 30+ years of specializing in customer service.  She grew up in Central Illinois, and in 2008 made the decision to relocate to Colorado after the birth of her first grandchild who happens to also be the first official Colorado Native in the family. Susan has spent most of her career working for a local municipality as the Executive Assistant to the Mayor and the City Manager while focusing on customer service to the residents and citizens of the community.  Four years ago she decided it was time to pursue a career in real estate and assist other “empty nesters” in their quest to find the perfect home.  She has firsthand experience in understanding wanting to downsize into a maintenance free condo/townhome or needing to upgrade in order to accommodate elderly parents or those big family holidays.    In her spare time, Susan volunteers with a local dog rescue and is always ready to help with fostering, home visits,  and transport. She herself is a foster failure. When not walking her dogs she loves spending time with her four Colorado native grandchildren and her two Illinois grandchildren.  On your next real estate transaction if you want someone who has a love of helping people, is dependable and hardworking than give Susan a call, 303.704.6687. You will feel as if you have met a lifelong friend.
(303) 704-6687