Shelly Roehrs

Real Estate is a fast moving, always changing and sometimes frustrating industry; and it is important you have someone on your side that can be disruptive when needed. As you know, that requires another level of unwavering passion, commitment and a bit of risk. This is the level of passion and commitment to excellence I bring and where my marketing and event management experience can contribute and lead for my clients.

I have been successful by creating a marketing and event network (stakeholders, internal customers, sponsors, vendors, venues, etc.) for unique event creation, funding, multi-tasked execution, and on-going and post project measurements. I had more references because I was more effective, more efficient, worked harder, and saved clients time and money. I have two decades of experience that includes but not limited to:

● Event Innovation & Management
● Funding; Sponsorship & Fundraising especially
● Marketing; demand gen tools, social media, traditional (for those of us who are “old school”)
● P&L responsibility

(719) 428-5201