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Michael Winslow

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After purchasing my first home in Colorado Springs in 1999, I knew I was hooked and wanted to be a part of the real estate industry. Since the time I received my real estate license in 2001, it has been my privilege and pleasure to provide a level of service above and beyond expectation to individuals, families and investors. I believe that clear, simple and regular communication is the key for a successful and seamless real estate deal. I endeavor to give all my clients regular and informative updates to keep them aware of the details of the transaction.

Regardless if you are purchasing your first, or twenty-first home, you deserve my highest and best level of service. It’s my personal goal to work for, and to represent each client to create a successful transaction. Call me today! Lets discuss how I can work with you to achieve your home buying, or home selling goals.




Mike M.


I had reservations about buying a house in another state. When dealing with realtors in our home state, let’s just say the experience was less than desirable. As this would be involving another state I was worried how this would go. Thankfully my partner had found Michael Winsow. From the very start he was very patient and understanding of the fact we was new to the state. We also had a laundry list of hard to find together wants in a home that would’ve driven other realtors nuts. After about a month and a half we found a place and was ready to place an offer, but seller suddenly pulled it off market. This led to an extra couple months to find our current home. Another realtor may have simply wished to be done with our hard to find amenities, but Michael stuck by us the entire time and was *never* pushy about a property just to close the sale. That alone makes him worth his weight in gold. I could go on forever about how great he made the experience. Even when it seemed like all other external events were conspiring to make it as stressful as possible he was a rock. If you’re looking for a house and desire a realtor who works for you, is very professional and pleasant then Michael Winslow is who you should get in touch with!

Kelsey R.


Michael Winslow was an answer to my prayers. I had been waiting for the perfect time to sell my house and when that time came, I am glad that Michael was on my side. I was living in another state and not looking forward to the hassles I imagined would come with that, but Michael made me feel safe and I was certain he had my best interests in mind. He took great care of me, my home and any issues that came up in a very timely fashion! My HOUSE SOLD in 40 DAYS! If you want to buy/sell a home, you want Michael on your side, you won’t regret it!

Michael H.


Need a cordial, professional, efficient real estate? Look no further than Michael! Living in Germany, I dreaded what nightmares lie ahead regarding a house sale. Michael made it virtually painless. He visited my house in mid August, recommended some upgrades, worked with the present day tenants to schedule upgrade (contractor) work and had the house listed by the first week of September. He visited the home himself to accomplish a couple of the smaller task and paid the lawn care company out of his own pocket (not knowing how long the house would take to sell) and trusted me to ensure he would be compensated at closing. In less than 3 x weeks after going on the market, we had an offer and roughly 4 x weeks later we were closed with sale money deposited in our credit union! Not saying every house will go that fast, but I can assure you Michael effectively runs all interference with every other key participant in the process; toss in his keen advice and feel for the current market and you he will position you as best he can for a sale. The 6000 miles (and 8 hour time difference) between Stuttgart, Germany and Colorado Springs was basically non-existent; Michael promptly responded to my emails and phone calls and stayed up late into the evening on a couple of occasions to SKYPE with me before I left for work in the AM. I am sure there are other acceptable agents in the Colorado Springs area, but if you want a high quality agent and are frustrated with who to choose, look no further…pick up the phone now and call Michael.

Casey C.


Great Realtor!!!

I hadn’t met Michael Winslow when my husband and I moved to Fountain/Colorado Springs, CO area so unfortunately we didn’t use him as our Realtor but I wish we would have! Prior to our military relocation we searched online and found an agent, but that’s all she was. She really didn’t do much to assist us in our search, we did all the work! Since we settled into our new home my husband and I met Michael Winslow and asked for his help with a real estate related issue. His knowledge was invaluable and he was so willing to help us even though he wasn’t our broker when we bought our home. I would recommend you use Michael as your real estate broker. He’s helpful and has the insights and understanding of the Pikes Peak areas real estate market.

Liane C.


I have had the privilege of working with Michael Winslow and successfully closed on my home in Colorado Springs. I originally went with a big name business for my needs only to find that my home was forgotten and left on the market for months. I chose Michael through a friend who had sold a home a month earlier and was not disappointed. His personal touch and professionalism allowed me to price my home accordingly and perform the right updates to have my home sold within no time. I truly appreciate all of the hard work Michael has done for me and my family. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to buy or sell a home.

R S.


We recently sold out home in the south east area (80910) of Colorado Springs. Our home was on the market for only 5 days before having our first offer, and we sold it above asking price. This could not have been done without Michael Winslow our amazing realtor. Michael Winslow with Blue Picket Realty was amazing. Being a military family we wanted someone who was flexible would work with us and our crazy schedules. Michael not only met our expectations but surpassed them. He was extremely professional, but still personable. Michael made us feel as if we were is only client. He was kind and patient with our 4 year old son, and dog. He walked us through the home selling process and made it painless. Whenever we had a question Michael was easy to get a hold of and right there for us even when we had the dumbest of the dumb questions. Michael always answered his phone, and instantly responded to text messages. I would recommend Michael to anyone and everyone. There is not a single buyer/ seller that would not benefit from having Michael as there realtor. His knowledge of the business, and market is extensive. If you are looking for a realtor, stop wasting your time, pick up the phone and call Michael Winslow, you will be glad you did!



Was extremely responsive and great to work with, would recommend him highly to any one trying to buy/sell.



My wife and i were in the market to buy a home about 5 years ago and after a few real estate folks, we found Michael. Michael was so helpful to us and became a friend to us both. he made asking question non intimidating and returned our emails and phone calls within minutes. After 5 wonderful years of being in our home, we decided it was time to move on to bigger and better opportunities. We picked the phone and called Michael. Without blinking his eyes, he said yes. Once again we had the greatest guy helping us out. Being that we bought a house only once and now we were selling our house for the first time, he answered all of our questions and made us feel at ease about the whole experience. before we knew we had a contract on the house and Michael was great at getting all the paperwork and explaining all the details to us. We closed on the 21st of November and to be honest the feeling of the house being sold, to moving on to new opportunities, but best of all the feeling we had such a genuine, caring, compassionate guy helping us made all the difference. I would never recommend anyone but Michael. If you want your experience to be smooth and stress free, Michael will be sure to make that happen for you. Thanks again Michael for everything!



My wife and I are new to Colorado Springs. Michael was extremely helpful in providing the pros and cons for the various areas. He was very friendly and easy to work with. Michael was very well informed about each house and showed a genuine desire to find a house that we would be happy with. Due to Michael’s assistance, I was able to make a much more informed selection of the properties that I would be interested in viewing. I found exactly what I was looking for and Michael made contact with the homeowners’ realtor. Michael worked well within my timeline and obtained a very thorough and efficient home inspector who also worked well within my timeline. Michael expressed my terms and offer to the homeowners and we reached a deal within hours. Michael’s professionalism made my home purchase a lot easier.



My husband and I had the distinct pleasure of working with Michael on our recent home purchase. He was nothing short of amazing and I highly recommend his services if you demand a quality agent who knows the market.

Although we’ve purchased homes in the past we were very nervous about purchasing another home here in Colorado as we were relatively new to the state. There was/is a large selection to choose from but being new to the area I was uncertain in some aspects but very firm about non-negotiables. This uncertainty made me a very difficult client to work with, in some aspects. I cringe when I think of the listings my husband and I found on our own but Michael was patient and viewed several homes with us despite the fact that they were clearly not what we were seeking (once he added us to his database it was much easier and searching was a much more streamlined process). However, it was through these less than stellar homes that Michael really shone. He was understanding of our wants and needs and spoke about potential repair cost, tax rates and the like and while we were the final decision-makers he made sure we were educated and making an educated decision. He never once made us feel like we were wasting his time and didn’t try to steer the process.

Michael was patient throughout and continued to work closely with us even when we withdrew our offer on a home several days after putting down the earnest money. He was understanding as I dismissed home after home, was very flexible in his hours and very accommodating my husband’s erratic schedule. He asked pertinent questions and followed up with us. He was much more than accommodating.

I have worked with other real-estate agents in the past, and even interviewed several here in Colorado, but Michael Winslow stands heads and shoulders above the rest. I highly recommend him and will use him again for my next home purchase.

Thank you, Michael, for helping us purchase the home of our dreams!!

John Lucero


My family has been investing in real estate in Colorado for 50 years. We have encountered many agents and Michael stands out as one of the best. Sadly, many agents don’t even meet minimum standards, much less offer the extra effort and insight that Michael does. Save your time and learn from our experience, choose Michael.

Wendy Fuller


I have used Michael Winslow for both buying and selling a house and he is by far the most knowledgeable, accommodating, helpful agent I have ever worked with. I consider him my friend & trust him with all my future real estate concerns

Rony Reyes


Michael proffessionalism is exceptional. He went the extra mile to make sure the process was easy and successful.