Ashley Treasure-Duncan


In 2006 Ashley Treasure-Duncan relocated to Colorado Springs from her beachside hometown of Southern California.  There, she studied communications with an emphasis in Public Relations at Cal State Fullerton and proceeded to work in a fast pace environment while in PR and recruiting for Fortune 500 companies.  About this time Ashley and her now husband David were searching for their first home in California and housing prices weren’t matching up to a first-year college grads salary, so they began to get creative and expand their search.   Passionate about health, fitness and all things outdoors; Colorado was a natural fit for Ashley.  In  2012 they decided to sell their first home here and take on the full renovation of a 1939 farmhouse while living in it with their three small boys (Talen, Beckett and Nash).  Ashley has learned the ins and outs of what it takes to get financed for such a project and remodel a home from the ground up.  

Regardless if you are buying or selling, Ashley will oversee every detail in the process and guide you step by step to reach your goal.  Her design skills and creative thinking can help you transform that ordinary house into the place you are excited to call home.